My thoughts on my mid-life crisis & turning 40

I’ve been talking a lot about my impending mid-life crisis that is now immediately upon me. My wife claims I have “issues”, but that I’m far from having a mid-life crisis. And my training buddy thinks my wife is correct. 

😉 (Thanks babe)

Personally I’ve been waiting for the ball to drop, or the sky to fall, or the rug to slip out from underneath me… (Insert whatever colloquialism you’d like to use.)

I’ve been waiting for the ‘BIG 4-0 MOMENT’ when I question my mortality and sink into the hole of utter depression and angst. What does one do when one needs answers, ask Google of course! According to the profound experts of wikipedia:

Midlife crisis is a term coined in 1965 by Elliott Jaques stating a time where adults come to realize their own mortality and how much time is left in their life. A midlife crisis is experienced by many people during the midlife transition when they realize that life may be more than halfway over. 

Midlife is a time from 40-60 where a person is often evaluating their own life.

Individuals experiencing a midlife crisis have some of these feelings:

  • search of an undefined dream or goal
  • a deep sense of remorse for goals not accomplished
  • a fear of humiliation among more successful colleagues
  • desire to achieve a feeling of youthfulness
  • need to spend more time alone or with certain peers

They exhibit some of these behaviors:

  • abuse of alcohol
  • acquisition of unusual or expensive items such as motorbikes, boats, clothing, sports cars, jewelry, gadgets, tattoos, piercings, etc.
  • depression
  • Having remorse for one’s wrongs.
  • entering relationships with younger people (whether sexual, professional, parental, etc.)
  • placing overimportance (and possibly a psychologically damaging amount) on their children to excel in areas such as sports, arts, or academics

Whelp, I can’t seem to fit any of the above bills (maybe one..) I particularly like the above bolded text about covering up baldness.

…*crickets chirping*…

Yeah, the baldness boat set sail a LONG time ago for me. Maybe I should of had my crisis in my mid-twenties then? (that’s when I lost most of my hair)

The truth be told, I couldn’t be happier stepping into the “40 year old” shoes. I think I’ll wear them well. I have so many things to be thankful for, that I have a hard time finding the so called ‘stressors’ of approaching my mid-life.

Keeping in-step with those Wikipedia fellows, here are my feelings :

  • I’ve found my dream career, and I’m continuing to grow in it
  • I have a deep sense of pride for achieving every goal I’ve made so far and all the accomplishments along the way
  • I’m not embarrassed by my colleagues success, I’m happy for them
  • My youthful nature has never left me, and I physical feel almost more fit than I did in my 20’s
  • I’m content with whom I do or do not spend time with. I surround myself with the people that make me happy

I exhibit the current  behaviors:

  • I don’t remember the last time I had any alcohol? It doesn’t make me feel the same way it used to, so I steer clear of it (I’m definitely getting old)
  • OK, OK, so I bought an expensive electronic toy (Beats By Dre, and they were on sale!!), but nothing nearly as pricey as a new vehicle (Oh, and I plan on getting one more tattoo after I graduate)
  • Sorry, I’m far from depressed
  • I’ve learned from all my wrongs, so as not to repeat them
  • Uh, yeah. I’ve been bald for just shy of 20 years. I’m good. Besides I feel better, and physically can perform many things I never thought possible at my age (heck any age). Thank you CrossFit
  • Nope, I’m still madly in love with my  beautiful wife. I’m good
  • No children to obsess over, just my beautiful wife and our two crazy cats

Like I said, I’m going to calmly slide right into these 40 year old digs. I think they’ll fit me well. I’m advancing my education, improving my physical fitness level and skill while maintaining and growing a wonderful marriage with a beautiful woman, all the while with the support of a very loving family and great friends.

40 year old birthday? Yep. Bring it on.


4 thoughts on “My thoughts on my mid-life crisis & turning 40

  1. Yep! 40 is the doorway to things getting better and better in a calm and thoughtful manner. I wouldn’t go back for anything.

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