Characters seen during the CrossFit Open…

I just completed Crossfit Games Open WOD 13.1, and I found this Facebook post a tad hilarious.

From Craig Howard of Diablo CrossFit:

For those of you new to the Open, here are some characters you can expect to see:

The “Yahoo”: Wods on Wed at 5:01 PT and posts immediately. Takes a screenshot of the Leaderboard and shares on Facebook.

One & Done: Wods on Wed or Thu, nails it, posts it, and goes to bed happy. I hate this guy.

Toe In The Water: Says he’s only going to practice a few reps, but if it feels good, then he’ll keep going.

Double or Nothin’: Wods on Wed or Thu, watches the leaderboard the rest of the week, gets pissed off, and goes again on Sunday.

3rd Time’s The Charm (aka, the Head Case): Wod on Wed, leaderboards, wod on Fri, leaderboards, wod on Sun.

Cursed! (yah, a Head Case too): Misses a double under or a snatch or a muscle up – quits immediately.

The Snake: Wods on Wed or Thu. Crushes it. But, waits until Sunday at 4:59 to post to avoid the Vulture.

The Vulture: leaderboards all week long and figures out exactly what he/she needs to pick people off. Gets a Coach to keep tempo & time. Posts score on Sunday

The Shooting Star: some guy/girl from someplace no one has ever heard of who posts an absolutely unbelievable score on the first or second workout, is immediately heralded as the next Annie T or Rich F. and subsequently flames out on the rest of the workouts never to be heard from ever again.

The Foreign Sniper: some dude from some obscure country, in an unknown affiliate with a blog that was last updated 6 months ago, who crushes the workouts, qualifies for the Regionals or Games – knocking off another athlete, and then doesn’t show up for the Regionals or Masters Games.

And, of course…

The Imposter: Kills the Open. Dies at the Regionals.

Via From Craig Howard…

I really didn’t fit into any of these categories since I did it once and done on Saturday. LOL 


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