I’m still here

This week has been a bit of a blur. I’ve had meetings, new appointments and unforeseen hiccups that just keep me on my toes. And my lil’ ole’ blog has been neglected.

We officially put our house up for sale this week. We signed the paperwork Monday, and by Tuesday night the listing was live on the internet and we were scheduling showings. We’ve had showings every day this week, including all this weekend.

I also started my in dependents study this week. I’m a Teaching Assistant for an RN-BSN research class (which is pretty cool). 

Lastly I’ve picked up more hours at my job since I now have a little more time, seeing as my clinical rotation responsibilities were complete last week.

All good things, not complaining at all.

Oh, I also had some vehicle issues that had to be addressed over a 3 day span. So just another piece to my busy puzzle. Don’t you hate when you have to juggle family transportation just to function throughout your day?? LOL

Even after all my ‘busy-ness’, my day isn’t nearly as ‘bad’ or as ‘stressful’ as our military personnel and families. I came across this video that told the story of families who are apart sharing their love of CrossFit.

Via Evolve Magazine – When You’re Here – YouTube

I thank all of those who are making the ultimate sacrifices. 

Have a great weekend folks.



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