I guess I shouldn’t talk about my impending mid-life crisis huh?


I’m turing the big PHHHHHHHHOUUUURRRR- OOOOOOHHHHH next month, and I’ve been jokingly discussing my mid-life crisis with my wife and friends. Seeing as you’re ‘supposed’ to have an emotional break-down of sorts when you turn the big 4-0, I thought I should figure out just how I’m gonna tackle my coming of age (pun intended) milestone.

I mean I’m still a college student at the ripe age of (soon-to-be) forty.. I probably should reflect on the “shoulda-woulda-coulda” life choices right?


Then I read this:

Talking About Being Old Is Important Indicator of Body Dissatisfaction

Similar to talking about being fat, talking about being old is an important an indicator of body dissatisfaction, shows research in BioMed Central’s open access journal Journal of Eating Disorders.

Via Talking about being old is important indicator of body dissatisfaction

So apparently if I’m even discussing the mere fact of getting old.. Uhhmm.. I may very well have some sort of body dissatisfaction disorder. Which means I’m already having some emotional instabilities. 


I wonder what my wife would say about that?

Heh heh.





4 thoughts on “I guess I shouldn’t talk about my impending mid-life crisis huh?

  1. Old? You haven’t reached an age appropriate to comment! ;-} You’ve got a great start with so many years to go. Of course, you might want to get that meditation program up & running. It works, personal attestation.

  2. Welcome to the forties! They’re great! (did you hear Tony the Tiger?)
    Seriously I love the big birthdays, they are new beginnings, and it sounds like you are starting a new chapter in your life. I have more issues with the 9’s because they are the end of a part in my life. I always get reflective on those birthdays. So enjoy; here is to a wonderful, new, fresh decade!
    Happy (early) Birthday!

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