Nurse Bullying Q & A: Dealing with an Overt Bully | RTConnections

Nurse bullying is nothing new. Most nurses (unfortunately) have at least half a dozen stories they can share about their experiences with bullying in the workplace. I crossed paths with a fellow nurse via Twitter recently who has a very strong passion for extinguishing the flames of workplace bullying in the nursing community. Her name is Renee Thompson. She’s so passionate about it that she wrote a book about it called “Do No Harm”. She also runs and owns the organization RTConnections

Ironically I found this article mentioning her company which I thought was pretty cool : Health Care Report | Pittsburgh

Here is a great video as part of her Q & A web-series on nurse bullying where she answers questions from nurses about how to handle workplace bullying:

Via Nurse Bullying Q & A: Dealing with an Overt Bully – YouTube

This is a great video. She not only discusses the types of bullying but steps you can take to address and eliminate it!

I LOVED the quick and dirty definition of the two types of bullying:

Overt = I slap you in the face

Covert = I tickle your face with a feather, and you slap your own face

Be sure to follow the included links, Renee’s worth it!! 

Great work Renee. 


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