Jumping the gun..


It seems like I may have jumped the gun a bit. I may have conveyed my recent accomplishment too loudly and it got lost in translation.
I recently celebrated a momentous occasion. I passed my comprehensive exams. While the exam IS important and passing it IS a cause for celebration, I think maybe my fellow readers, followers, friends and social media buddies may have interpreted my blog posts and status messages as me passing my certification exam. As if I have passed and officially acquired and earned the title ‘Nurse Practitioner’.
My bad.

*TTTTHHHHHHWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETT!!!!!* (my imitation of a referee whistle blowing)

I take complete responsibility for the misguided professing of my accomplishment. While it is quite a feat, I still have one more hurdle and one more exam to go before I can actually call myself a Nurse Practitioner. As of now, I’m still a student.
Next is graduation. Then finally I  can sit for my state certification board exam.
In my defense, I treated my comprehensive exam like IT WAS my board exam. That’s how serious I approached it. It really was the toughest exam I ever took. The exam was an all-day affair. 175 multiple choice questions and a 3 hour research article critique that had to be hand written.
This exam was the measuring stick for our entire ACNP program. You need to prove you could synthesize both the didactic and clinical knowledge that was given to you before they would allow you to graduate. Not passing this exam means not graduating.
You do get another try with whatever portion you fail, but honestly who would want to take that thing a second time?!!
Which is why I approached it like my state ACNP board exam. I was only taking that exam once dammit. I busted my rear end from the moment the fall semester ended until the night before that exam. Reviewing, studying, re-reading, and re-reading and quizzing and re-quizzing.
When I wasn’t working I was studying.
When I wasn’t at clinicals I was studying.
When I had down-time, I was studying.
With a clear conscious I wanted to take that exam and be able to admit that I could not have done anything else nor could I have prepared any better to pass that exam. I wanted no regrets walking away from that exam.
For those who know me, you know how important exercising is to me. I put all things physical on hold for almost 4 weeks prior to taking that exam! That’s how serious I approached my comprehensive exam.
And I did it. I beat it. I passed both portions. No re-take for me.
I’m told by currently practicing NP’s that the comp exam was harder than their certification board exam. If that’s true then I’m feeling pretty good about what’s in store for me, but that doesn’t mean I won’t repeat the same habits I created.
I am not taking my state boards a second time.
Not this student.
So, maybe that was my fault for constantly sharing my intentions via social media. I can see how it can be misconstrued. I too would just assume the over-celebration I exhibited HAD to mean I passed boards as a newly minted Nurse Practitioner.
So I guess I apologize for my over-zealousness. I’ve just come this far, and I’m doing everything I can to guarantee my success.
I can’t promise I’ll  be toning it down anytime soon, I just thought I’d try and clear the air of any sort of confusion.
I hope you’ll stick around for the finale as it unfolds. It’s gonna be a doozy.
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4 thoughts on “Jumping the gun..

  1. Hey, no prob. No apology needed. What you did surely called for great exuberance and celebration. Like draconian said, “it’s a big deal”. And so it is.

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