Apparently I lost an entire year

2013 02 08 21 59 39

I was sending a text message to a colleague and friend yesterday. The iPhone has a nifty feature, where it shows the history of a message if you never actually delete the conversation. If you receive additional texts from someone who already has an existing conversation on your phone, the message history will remain. I hadn’t sent this particular friend a text in quite a while. As I was texting my friend, I happened to scroll back through the conversation and noticed that I sent them a similar message back during the summer!!!

As you can see I’ve been counting down the days to graduation for quite a while now. I think the counting began when the 1 year mark passed right at the start of the summer semester last year.

I cannot believe I will graduate in 11 weeks!!

2013 02 08 09 30 13

Then today I was talking with my wife about an event her cousin is participating in this Spring. I found the event vaguely familiar, and thought her cousin just did this event recently. I come to find out her cousin DID participate in the event, but it was over a year ago??!! As in last Spring.

We looked up the pictures for proof.

Yes folks, when you are attending master’s level nursing school you can somehow lose an entire year without even knowing it.

Did I mention I’m excited to graduate?


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