The Toughest Exam Evah


Well, I survived. I stumbled (crawled) out of the exam in one piece. My comprehensive exam is complete. I’m cooked. Stick a fork in me.

It was a 2-part exam that took an entire day. The morning session was 165+ multiple choice questions answered via the traditional scantron sheet. Then part 2 during the afternoon session was a research study critique, which was answered in the traditional college ‘blue book’.

The AM session was long. It was hellah long, lemme tell ya. I can remember thinking how bad my rear-end was starting to hurt from sitting for 2+ hours reading test questions non-stop. I was worried that my mental acuity would drop off the deep-end, but I can proudly say I kept my focus throughout the entire portion of the multiple choice exam. Which is a great thing, since I’ll have to do this again for my ACNP state boards!

The PM session of the research critique was tougher than I’d like to admit. I think I was in a funk because I had to hand-write everything. Not sure why that threw me off my game, but I had to re-group after the first hour because I kept re-writing everything. By the end my hand writing was probably illegible due to the writers cramp I had.

Now the hardest part of all comes next. The waiting!!! It doesn’t help that this exam determines if I graduate or not. No pass, no graduate. You get one more chance, but who in the world wants to prepare for that thing a second time????

I have no idea how long it is supposed to take for the results to be released, but I’m guessing somewhere in the 7-14 day range. 

Anyone have any Nexium I can borrow?


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