My Car Is Awesome


Via Driving on empty: How far your car can go with the gas light on | Motoramic – Yahoo! Autos

What’s left people guessing, however, is exactly how far you can go when the gas light comes on, and since there’s no established standard for reserve fuel capacity, it varies with each automaker and model. But thanks to the website Tank on Empty, which has a searchable, user-submitted database, you can have a better idea of your on-empty range. 

According to the site, there are some surprising low-fuel winners: the mammoth Ford Excursion may guzzle gas like a cargo ship, but it also boasts one of the longest ranges, averaging 85.12 miles. That beats the eco-conscious Prius, which can run for 55.12 miles, or a Porsche 911 Carrera, which could quickly leave you stranded on the shoulder with its average of 23.82 miles.

This was a ‘fun-fact’ FYI article over on Yahoo! discussing the ever-important concept of literally ‘driving on empty’. I used to be just like the rest of the manic drivers out there, not really knowing how long I had before my car would stall. I used to really push the limits of the unknown sometimes, let me tell ya.

I tried visiting the website in the article, but it wasn’t loading at the time of writing this post. Thankfully I no longer drive into the ‘unknown’. My car is awesome because it has a ton of bells and whistles installed. My Ford Edge has a lil display option that tells me how many miles are left until my tank is empty.

How awesome is that??

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.



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