When Are You Late?


Of course thanks to Alice and her friends, every time I hear “I’m late” or any reference to the notion of “being late” I think of our furry tailed friend.

So, when do YOU consider yourself late? Are you late 10 minutes after the expected time? How about 15 minutes? 30 minutes?!

Now, I’m talking about any appointment. Not just work or career related, but social engagements or recreational activities. When are you late?

Are you the type of person that says, “No one is dying, I’ll be there as soon as I can”. Or are you the type that believes if you are “On time” you’re actually late?

For instance, in my world, I have to be early. Always. If I’m not early, I’m late. Weird huh? If I’m expected at 730, I consider myself late if I don’t arrive by 715. I always, always , always want to anticipate the unexpected. I’d rather complain about being there too early, than scurrying around like a lost puppy. 

Maybe it’s my ‘Type A‘ personality? 

I’d love to say it’s the Nurse in me, but I’ve met and worked with many Nurses who have no idea how to be on time. 

So. When are YOU late?


One thought on “When Are You Late?

  1. Like you if I’m not at least 10-15 minutes early I’m late. Can’t handle being late!!

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