First RN Chat of 2013 Was a Success!! | Thursday 20130110

Source: via Sean on Pinterest

Well it happened! After a grassroots effort from some very passionate nurses on Twitter RN Chat was revived this past week on Thursday January 10, 2013. RN Chat, the brainchild of Phil Baumann (@philbaumann on Twitter) was one of the very first Twitter Chat’s to ever exist on Twitter!! Be sure to check some previous blog posts of mine here, here, and here to get some good info on RN Chat.

I was part of the grassroots effort, but due to last minute schedule changes, could not make it. So I thought I’d be sure spread the good word. If you have the time here is the transcript from the chat. I think it’s quite awesome that you can review the chat at a later date to catch up on the conversation.

Ellen Richter (@ellerichter on Twitter)  was the hostess-the-mostest who volunteered to moderate the premiere this past week. Thanks to great nurses like her and many others, this community of nurses is slowly getting back up on its feet.

For those of you who do not know the format goes like this:

The two topics discussed this week were:

  1. Its in the news–nurses being fired for refusing 2 comply w/ hospital policies on flu shot requirements.Are there other options?
  2. How has the rise of computer use @ the bedside changed nursing care? Do nurses focus more on the monitor screen than the patient?

I must say the responses were interesting, as they always are. I think that’s what I loved and still love about the online community of nurses on Twitter, the diverse background and genuine honesty of conversation.

I’m doing everything in my power to be there for this weeks upcoming chat!!! Care to join me?


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