My iPhone 4S Linchpin

[From my 365 photo a day challenge: Staying connected #photooftheday #instacc #instacc365d0105 #connection]
I’m by habit an early adopter. I’m always the first in line for the “next best thing”. And when referring to all things iOS, OSX or Mac I’m theeeerrrrrrreeeee duuuuuuude.I think that’s why I’ve become such an apple fanboy. You can get new stuff about every 5-8 months! If it isn’t a new iDevice, it’s a new iMac/Macbook Air/Macbook Pro. If not new devices, there is always a new app, new program or new product just waiting around the corner.
So when the iPhone5 scuttlebutt started, my ears perked up and my mouth began to water. I was getting it. I’d be one of the first (again)!!
Theeeeeeenn the ball dropped. Apple pulled the every 8 year switcharoo on me and changed to docking pin scheme on the newest iPhone. So all the devices you connected to your previous iDevices would not connect to your new iPhone5 without an adaptor. An adapter that hadn’t been released, was going to be a tad cumbersome and just didn’t fit well with many musical iDevices (like my clock radio).
I fought long and hard with the decision. I REALLLLLLLy wanted the new iPhone5. It was faster, better picture quality, blip-speed internet browser speed and it was thinner! While all those things were awesome as ever, i couldn’t help be admit how inconvenient the new pin scheme was going to become. I would have to either buy numerous adapters, or I’d have to lug around one adapter to connect to the numerous connectors I used throughout my day.
It was the deal breaker.
I have since then picked up my face off the floor (from moping) and have adjusted to my ‘old’ iPhone 4S. Ironically I’m not missing a whole lot. [weird]
In fact, I don’t have the so-called ‘bendy’ problem that many new iPhone5 back-pocket users are experiencing (just kidding – I hear it’s a hoax)

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