Why Twitter Is Still Pretty Awesome

Earlier today I was plowing through more studying for my comp exam. Every so often I like to have some tunes playin’ while I’m typing up review notes. I chose to utilize my SiriusXM online music player. About mid-morning the music and the ’signal’ started to fizzle. I was hearing bits and pieces of sound, and then eventually after an hour or so the sound just stopped all together.

I troubleshooted everything on my iMac, everything from internet connection to unplugged wires. I was still able to utilize all things internet related, so I deduced that mayyyyybe there is something wrong with SiriusXM? As I picked up the phone, I had a zinger of a thought. “Why not try Twitter?” See if I can contact Sirius XM through the social media juggernaut. I thought I’d try and use Twitter for more than just random updates about food, exercise and sleep.

Low and behold I got a response.. (fairly quickly if I might add)

And eventually ended on a good note..

I must admit, I never did hear from them again via Twitter, but I was feeling quite accomplished. I was able to figure out nothing was wrong with my iMac or my internet service, so I was a happy camper. I resorted to listening to other music via Pandora and Spotify.

Yep. Twitter can be pretty awesome sometimes. The power of social media huh?? =)


Your thoughts....? I'd love to hear from ya!

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