A Trip in the WAYYY Back Nursing Machine


We’re beginning (or I should say my wife is beginning) the process of digging through our things in anticipation of our move this coming late spring/ early summer. Once I graduate and pass my boards, I will promptly start my new job which is over 70 miles away from our current city.

We are moving. So we’re making plans to sell the house and make the house ‘buyer ready’ which means we need to clean up the clutter that has accumulated over the past 8+ years.

My wife was digging through old school supplies and found the above booklet. It’s the booklet we get as entry-level nursing students in preparation to schedule and sit for our state board exam for registered nurses, referred to as the NCLEX-RN exam.

Wow, did I get flood of memories looking at that baby.

Ahh, a nice trip down amnesia lane. A good way to wind down my full day of studying for my Acute Care Nurse Practitioner comprehensive exam (which is basically a primer for the national certification exam to become an NP).

Weeeeeiirrrrd and a lil’ eerie. 

Let’s hope I can repeat the same performance. I passed my NCLEX exam the first try.


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