Positively Living With Passion

Every once in a while someone out there in the internets just breathes some life onto your screen. Angela Trimbur is her name. And, I had forgotten all about her and her awesome impromptu dance performance in the laundromat a while back dancin’ like nobody was watchin’…

Well apparently she’s been a busy gal. She’s been ‘Dancing like nobody’s watching’ enough that somebody’s watching now!

Here she is in the mall:

And the reason she blipped on my radar today was her performance at the airport:

She must have caught the attention of the Today Show or something, since it landed on the front page of my internet news. I simply love her energy. Whether it’s all an ‘act’ for the camera or not, I can’t help but smile watching this girl. These are those kind of videos you watch after a long stress-filled day and you just need some positivity.

I of course had to internet-follow-stalk her, and she’s of course on Twitter and YouTube. Be sure to check out her moves. 

I hope her energy gets noticed and takes her where she wants to go. She’s got moxie. 


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