#365 Days of One Photo a Day

Yep, I’m trying it one more time. This time I have a plan. This time I think I have a real shot at succeeding!! 

For those of you who’ve been around my blog a lil’ while, you probably remember me attempting this before. In fact I think I’ve attempted it twice now over the past couple years (-sigh-). I think I’ve used other websites, and other microblogs before, and each time it just didn’t stick.

Until now.

Let me introduce my new friend InstaCC

2013 01 04 17 38 14

Quoted from the iTunes page: “InstaCC puts a new spin on Instagram with Calendar & Challenges”. This lil’ app is integrated with Instagram, so that you can set daily reminders, and enter challenges that prompt you to take a picture of that certain ‘thing’ within the challenge. I’m doing the 365 challenge. It will prompt me to take a picture daily.

2013 01 04 17 56 18

I got that baby sitting pretty on the front page of my iPhone to help me remember.

2013 01 04 17 38 32

The app has a dedicated ‘challenges’ section to keep you on track. And then you can view your entire month to look back on your progress:

2013 01 04 17 38 21

I’m pretty psyched about giving this a real go. I even have reminders set up through IFTTT to keep me on track!

What do you think? Care to see what I post? I’m thinking I’ll post them here just to keep me accountable. 


Your thoughts....? I'd love to hear from ya!

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