Whatevah you do… don’t eat chicken!!!


Apparently it’s bad luck to eat chicken during the new year holiday. Don’t eat chicken on New Year’s Eve. Don’t eat chicken on New Year’s Day. It’s bad luck. The following folklore narrative explains why the traditional pork is consumed, and chicken must be avoided:

It seems that in order to have a positive year and to deter all that can be negative, one should eat pork. As we all know pork = pig. And pigs burrow  their snouts forward. The are always moving forward (apparently), speaking facetiously of course. 

And that a chicken ‘roosts’ and kicks its legs backwards. Clucking and kicking up the dirt behind them. Therefore they are (facetiously) moving backwards. 

If you wan’t to have the powers that be look positively upon you and your upcoming new year.. you better eat the traditional pork and stay away from chicken for the next 48 hours.


I guess I should look at this in a weirdly good way for me personally. I for one consume the food of the gods 6 out of the 7 days of the week!!!

*Image sources: Google*

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Just some “food for thought” as this year comes to a close.




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