My vehicle had a silent MI

Isn’t it amazing how you relate and apply almost anything and everything in your life to your nursing career?! Yesterday my car started to shake and shimmy while on the road. The only way I can describe the problem is I felt like I was driving on oval-shaped wheels. The car would ‘shimmy’ and have some weird shaking/vibration that would worsen when I’d increase my speed?? 

Anyway. I thought it was related to my car’s rotors being replace just one week ago, so I was going to call the mechanic in the AM. It did the same this morning on my way to work, except now I had my dashboard light up like a christmas tree, not only while driving it, but at a stop light and also when parked…


This was what I had going on as I pulled into the parking lot at work. Needless to say I was leery to drive the car down the drive, let alone 15 miles back home. I called my mechanic who then instructs me to tow it to the shop (which is 15 miles away).

After extensive diagnostics, he can’t reproduce or diagnose any problems with the car. He drove it, tested it and even my wife test drove the  car with my mechanic.

Nuttin, nada, zilch.

My car was like our patients who come into the ER complaining of chest pain… but all the test come back negative. “We can’t fix something that isn’t broken”….

My beautiful wife picks me up (in my car mind you) and we drive back home. I pull into my mechanic’s parking lot and ironically my car starts to make this ridiculous grinding noise!!! A horrid metal-on-metal noise.


To make a long story even longer, the mechanic discovers that I have a severe brake pad problem and that I need to replace my rear brakes?????


So my car had a silent MI at some point over the past 24 hrs, and the true cardinal signs of damage revealed themselves when something just plain ole’ broke off. Sort of sounds like a patient who has the ‘silent MI’ until they are in a full fledge acute STEMI huh??

As frustrated as I was getting about this whole ordeal I tried to take something positive from this. First of all, I didn’t get stranded on the road or lose my brakes mid-drive. And oh yeah…

At least my car’s repair won’t cost as much as a heart attack.

Lil’ nurse humor. 


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