Newest blogroll link on My Strong Medicine :


Meet the newest member of my Nursing Blog Roll over here at My Strong Medicine : Impacted Nurse.
I’ve been a huge fan of Ian’s blog for quite a long time. When I started blogging many moons ago (4 or 5 years ago?) he was one of the first handful of blogs that I found. Over the years I’ve visited, then stopped and started many times. It seems that he always draws me back in with a killer blog post. The man himself:
Here’s more about Ian and his awesome blog here: Impacted Who.
Be sure to give Ian a nice warm welcome, and of course hop on over to his blog.
Oh, did I mention he’s the mastermind behind the new amazing Google + community called Nurse+? While you’re at it, go check it out as well. 
P.S. I’m in the process of zapping my blog back into life, and I thought in only appropriate to update and liven up my blogroll to all the awesome blogs out there I read. More to come… stay tuned!!

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