Christmas: It’s not a date on the calendar, it’s in the heart

My household is comprised of two nurses. My wife and I became nurses at the same time. We met in nursing school and married after we graduated. So, holidays have always been ‘optional’ in our lives. Meaning that while the pulse of our great nation may celebrate it on a specific day on the calendar, we celebrate when WE are together. That means if one of us has to work during a holiday we celebrated either before or after the ‘traditional’ date on the calendar, and celebrate it together.

This year, just like last year, I volunteered to work this Christmas holiday. We don’t have any children. And for me, Christmas morning has always been about children. The greatest gift I can give is my time. Since I have many co-workers with children, I try to give back during the holiday season so that they may spend that special time with their beautiful children.

That means that Santa comes to my home one day early, and my wife and I celebrate our holiday on Christmas eve. It’s neither good or bad, it just is.

And not matter what day of the week, and what date on the calendar, as long as she is by my side… I’ll be as merry as good ole’ St. Nick.

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Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone


4 thoughts on “Christmas: It’s not a date on the calendar, it’s in the heart

  1. Great tale Sean,

    It must be nice to have a wife that’s in the same profession as you, I bet she understands you well.

    PS: what kind of unit does she work on?

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