Remove money from the equation

What if money was no object?…

Via What if Money Was No Object – Alan Watts [HD] (Legendado pt-BR) – YouTube

I’ve realized that I must have made some good decisions along the way. I’m currently practicing in a profession that I love, regardless of my pay. And I’m excited to enter an advanced practice in the next 6 months that I’ve worked very hard for.  I always heard that money should be no object, but I never fully grasped the concept until I thought about the daily grind.

Do you wake up for work, for you job, to fulfill your responsibilities with no regret?

Or do you get up because “The Man” makes you?

What would you do if money was not a part of the equation? If you could choose a profession, a vocation, a ‘living’ where money was not a concern… what would it be?

I consider myself luck because I’m almost 100% positive I would still make the same decisions I’ve made.

Luck, I tell you. Lucky.


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