Is there really a price of being a new nurse?

Question and answer time.

Do you think it’s ever appropriate to be left out to dry when the shiznit hits the fan while on shift? Or is it just a part of the newbie process? Newbie to the unit, the hospital system, or just new to nursing. Would you accept your ‘lickings’ and hope for the best, or would you put your foot down at the earliest and most appropriate time with those that need to know?

In my experience, allowing this slack-jawwed work environment just festers into something worse. And in severe cases can burn a nurse out.

What do you thing folks? Any good advice to Hood Nurse (whom I refer to as hoody)? Follow the link and leave them a comment.

I don’t know. I feel like (and I hope my perception was the actual reality) that I was pretty fair as charge at Hood Hospital. I mean, I would honor a friend’s request for a certain area if they were having a crappy day but overall I would try to move people around and be pretty objective about who ended up with what. Don’t get me wrong, some of the charge nurses here a pretty rad and objective, but overall I kind of feel like I’m a little isolated and that if someone is gonna have to get crapped on, it’s gonna be me. Oh well. Such is being new I guess.

Via Adventures of Hood Nurse: Hood Hospital 2, Electric Boogaloo: The Price of Being New


2 thoughts on “Is there really a price of being a new nurse?

  1. I’ve tried both options (take it, or report it) at different facilities. Experience has taught me that it is best to be mindful of the old cliche: “Do not cut off your nose to spite your face.” Being “right”, I have found, does not guarantee great results. Life… in general… has taught me to ignore shiznit behaviour and to reward the good. It works for me.

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