Your Diane times are bullshit

As rude and crude as this blogger can be (just read the name), I love they love to hate and hate to love everything about CrossFit. I especially enjoy when he calls out the CrossFit community on our BS, because we have a lot of it.


Thanks to Hi-Temp, crossfitters are phenomenal athletes.  “Damn dude, you really crushed that Diane!”  You did three good deadlifts and the rest were like rack pulls from the second pin!  Randy is an incredibly easy workout too… when you slam 75 pounds onto the ground and it bounces up to your waist.

This guy does it all wrong.  He resets after every rep???? What about his time???  He should be using Hi-Temps and get that bounce…. with Iron and a reset after every rep.

And here is an example of what everyone else does.  This guy is fully utilizing the bounce and hitch deadlift technique pioneered by absolutely no one who knew what they were doing.  I bet he has wicked fast Dianes.


It looks like i am dropping this… but I am actually about to catch it for another snatch.

How to be elite…

1.  Use as…

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