I’m aahhhhlive…

So. If anyone still follows my lil ole’ blog, yes, I’m still alive. (Aaaand cue Frankenstein..) 

School has not completely consumed me. My blogging of course has taken a serious hit though from the desolate lack of posts.

I even took a break from blogging over at Scrubs Magazine this past month due to being overwhelmed with school clinicals, projects, assignments and trying to maintain some sanity during the last month of the semester.

I did roughly 200 hours of clinical time in 4 short weeks. This rotation was our clinical emphasis, which was Critical Care for me of course. I was on a Surgical-Trauma ICU and loved it. I had a health balance of excitement and pure fear. I’ve learned so much and I still have so much to learn.

This is the part where I start realizing I’m going to be attempting to practice out there in the real world very shortly, and I’m trying not to fail miserably. Let alone hurt someone!!!


I shared some of my views over at Scrubs Magazine if you care to read:

“I’m baaaack!!

Remember me? Yeah, that crazy nurse blogger-turned-zombie. I figured since the impending doom of the “Zombie Apocalypse” is popular these days, you could relate to the similarities between a nursing student and the undead…

That’s sort of where I’ve been recently. I’m on the final leg of this “race” for graduation from my Nurse Practitioner program. I’ve lost count of how many hours we put in for this last clinical rotation, along with the didactic classwork and putting the finishing touches on a number of group and individual projects.

Apparently there was this thing called a holiday that happened recently? Thanksgiving? Yeah, I can’t say I was much a part of that whole tradition this year. I was busy digging myself out of my assignment abyss.

Oh, and then I realized that I graduate in just over four months!!! (Excuse me while I go find an emesis basin…)”



I’m making a vain attempt at reviving my blog and my blogging skillz here, I’ll be sharing the ins & outs of me transitioning from the bedside nurse to the nurse practitioner.


Oh, did I mention I just had my first interview as a  budding ACNP?????????


Your thoughts....? I'd love to hear from ya!

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