Long shifts = unhappy nurses & patients

I recently just came off of a 2-day  back-to-back 15hr night shifts. I’m at the tail end of my critical care ACNP student rotation and I must tell ya, my body kindly reminded me how I CANNOT tolerate the night shift anymore.

My insomnia just won’t allow me to sleep… at all! And with me starting to fill the shoes of an advanced practice nurse.. I need to be on my game with a sharply focused mind.

And I had none of that.

So I find it ironic that I stumbled upon this blog post about long shifts…

Longer shifts make nurses more likely to experience burnout and job dissatisfaction and also make patients more likely to be dissatisfied with care, according to a study.

via Long shifts for RNs can lead to patient dissatisfaction | Management & Leadership Nursing News.


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