This is my confession…..

I could have wrote this post. Amen Steve. Preach it!

One year's transformation

Lately I’ve come to a realization about myself that I need to confess.  Well it’s a realization about myself and how I view you.  To put it simply chances are that I’m judging you.  I don’t consciously do it, but it is a solid bet that when you turn into McDonalds I’m judging, when I see your cart as we walk past one another in the grocery store, and if I see you taking the elevator between floors 1 & 2 I’m still judging.  It’s hard after the last year of my life and all that I have overcome not to judge, these days my tolerance for excuses is very low because I felt like I had them all.  When you’ve walked that road and then completely changed your life it becomes hard to see others falling into the same traps that you did.  So I’m judging all those little…

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