The importance of Goals

“Sometimes the push towards a goal can be the difference between a good day and a bad one, even when I don’t accomplish it, just knowing that I’m one more “Baby Step” closer can be all that I need to lift my mood a bit.” – therangersteve
Well said brother, keep walking the walk and setting a great example.

One year's transformation

Sometimes when I think about the last year I get this vision in my head of Bill Murray from the movie “What About Bob” in that movie he has a ton of issues and the way that he overcomes them is to constantly tell himself “baby steps” as he does things.  

Starting where I did they amount of distance between myself and most of the workouts at Rx was vast.  I could not look at them and think that I would be there in any imaginable amount of time.  So I had to think of things in Baby Steps, I set goals and worked towards those.  Yes Fran is Rx at 95 pounds, but this time I’m doing it at 65, ok next time I want to do 75 and so on.  My life was a constant climb up a stairway of these small goals.  Sometimes today it is…

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