Listening to your body sucks sometimes

Listening to your body sucks sometimes. LOL

This past weekend of training really did wreck me. Sunday was a day off and then did the Outlaw WOD yesterday. I gotta tell ya I was a mess during that whole workout. I felt beat-to-h#ll. I was sore, fatigued and was not ‘with it’ for the majority of the WOD.

I woke up this AM in pain. Not your traditional DOMS type sore, but all out hurting. It actually hurt to breath – LOL.


Image source: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness: Is it a Good Thing?

I don’t think it helped that I played catch with my nephew for over an hour with the football on my ‘rest day’, Sunday. (yes, the male testosterone was flying)

So part of my pain is regrettably on my left side (my throwing side). I probably shouldn’t have thrown  the darn football like I was a teenager again.

Sucks to get old.

I decided to play the ‘smart old-man’ card and take today off from training. I think If I would have toughed out today’s Outlaw WOD I would be in some severe shape for the next 3 days!! And having class all day tomorrow does not help. Sitting in class for 8 hrs just makes everything stiff and sore.

I know I’m doing the right thing by listening to my body, but is sure doesn’t help my crazy “must workout” psychological guilt.

Did I mention it sucks getting old?


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