Dear captain upper-body…

Dear dood at the gym yesterday,

I can appreciate your dedication to your craft, and I respect your drive to improve your level….
but uhhh..

You do know there is more to training than bicep curls? I mean wow. Whew.
The entire time I was at the gym… and I was there a long time yesterday.. the ENTIRE time you were there I watched you do every type/style/variation and choice of bicep curls exercises in existence?!

My biceps hurts after watching your first hour of your work out?
Here are just a few I remember witnessing during my time passing you:

standing DB curls
standing BB curls
seated DB curls
seated incline DB curls
preacher curls with cheat bar
preacher curls single arm DB curls
BB wrist curls on flat bench
cable curls with bar
cable curls with cheat bar
one-arm cable curls

I apologize, I know I missed some, since I only saw these when I walked away from my lift or headed for a drink of water.

I hope the rest of your body can compensate for the sheer magnitude of your biceps.

Thanks for reminding me, why I do what I do.


Your thoughts....? I'd love to hear from ya!

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