ESPN2 + 2012 CrossFit Games + DVR = Happy CrossFitter

What can I say, I turn in early. Crazy how you know the results of the games… but you still want & HAVE to watch it!!

Watch the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games on ESPN2 starting September 11!

The 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games will be airing on ESPN2 starting Tuesday, September 11 at 10 p.m. EST. Catch all the action of this year’s competition from the surprise Camp Pendleton endurance events to the intense final day of competition where the competitors tackle Elizabeth, Isabel and Fran. Below, find the air times listed by specific event so you can catch exactly what you missed or want to see again!

ESPN2 Schedule (All times Eastern):

Tuesday 9/11

10:00 pm – Camp Pendleton Endurance Test

11:00 pm – Camp Pendleton Women’s O-Course

11:30 pm – Women’s Ball Toss and Track Triplet

Thursday 9/13

8:00 pm – Camp Pendleton Men’s O-Course

8:30 pm – Men’s Ball Toss and Track Triplet

Tuesday 9/18

10:00 pm – Women’s Ball Toss and Track Triplet

10:30 pm – Women’s MedBall-Handstand Pushup

11:00 pm – Women’s Sprint & Rope-Sled

11:30 pm – Women’s Clean Ladder

Wednesday 9/19

8:00 pm – Men’s Ball Toss and Track Triplet

8:30 pm – Men’s MedBall-Handstand Pushup

9:00 pm – Men’s Sprint & Rope-Sled

9:30 pm – Men’s Clean Ladder

Tuesday 9/25

8:00 pm – Women’s Sprint & Rope-Sled

8:30 pm – Women’s Clean Ladder

9:00 pm – Women’s Chipper

9:30 pm – Women’s Double Banger

10:00 pm – Women’s Elizabeth, Isabel, Fran

11:00 pm – Men’s Sprint & Rope-Sled

Wednesday 9/26

8:00 pm – Men’s Sprint & Rope-Sled

8:30 pm – Men’s Clean Ladder

9:00 pm – Men’s Chipper

9:30 pm – Men’s Double Banger

10:00 pm – Men’s Elizabeth, Isabel, Fran

Check out ESPN’s press release about the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games!

via ESPN2 TV Schedule | CrossFit Games.


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