Thing #33 that CrossFit does to you…

  1. I’ll never squat the same again. Evah.
  2. It’s not just the air squat, high bar squat, low  bar squat, over head squat or any other variation you may perform in the gym. It’s the squatting down to reach something that’s low to the ground or on the floor.
    Am I the only one that notices that I don’t lean up onto my toes anymore? That when I squat down my heels are on the floor and I’m crouching down like a toddler does, ergo the CORRECT way to squat.
  3. It’s  crazy things like this that CrossFit forever changes about you.
    Heh heh.
    Not that I’m complaining in any way.
    Did I mention my knee pain that was present for decades disappeared?


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