Becoming an NP

Not all entry level NP’s are the same….

I’ve finally discovered the employment conundrum Nurse Practitioners have that other advanced practice providers do not.

The short answer is, not all entry-level Nurse Practitioners are the same. Allow me to explain.

A post from over at Scrubs


2 thoughts on “Becoming an NP

  1. Sean, I have enjoyed reading your blog. Interesting post regarding the potential differences among entry-level NPs. From speaking to peers, prior nursing experience is definitely viewed as a factor in hiring decisions, provided it is experience relative to the NP’s area of certification. They have cited the same reasons you mention: clinical knowledge and critical-thinking skills that develop through actual bedside experience. I would suggest that your post is applicable to all entry-level APNs, with the exception of CRNAs. Do you think there is a particular experience threshold (i.e. 5 years, 10 years, etc.) above which the differences amongst entry-level NPs becomes less distinct?

    1. Dave, Thanks for leaving a comment! That’s a great question concerning the experience threshold. I guess only time will tell when I have to start interviewing next year. As an experienced bedside nurse, there is a distinct difference between 1-2 and 4-5 years of experience as well as the 10 year threshold, so I wonder if it is applicable when transitioning to the NP role? Hmm food for thought.

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