To iPad or not to iPad… THAT is the question

I’m quite the MAC fan these days. Ever since I jumped that horrible ship called Windows.. I’ve been enjoying my computer and all it has to offer.

I even made the bold leap to include a MacBook Air into my arsenal, which has served me well. I love using it for my on-campus needs and it compliments my iMAC so fluidly.

Now the question is do I want an iPad… or should I say do I NEED an iPad. Other than a bright new shiny toy, I cannot see a good rational reason to own one.

iPhone check. iMAC check. MacBook Air check.

Would the iPad offer me something I’m not already getting out of my other wonderful iOS devices?? The Nerdy Nurse has a few suggestion over on her blog:

Benefit of Tablets for Nurses?

imageThe benefits of tablet computers for nurses are plentiful. They are great from poking around and sharing cool apps and content with your friends, but there are very real and practical applications for the nursing workforce as well. And although I feel the ability to veg-out and play a challenging round of Angry Birds has great value, I also know that tablets can have a place in the nursing workforce, if we let them.

7 Reasons Why Nurses and Nursing Students Need a Tablet

1 Get rid of the clutter. Carry your drug guide, nursing school books, and your pleasure reads in one compact little outfit.

2 Entertain yourself during downtime. During your lunch hour you can catch up on your shows with Netflix or Amazon prime. You can also read books, listen to music, or play a game or two.

3 Easy access to information. With a tablet device, and internet access, the world is your oyster. If you need additional information, want to read a nursing journal, or check your email, it’s much easier to just pull out your tablet than get the PC involved.

4. It’s bigger than a smartphone. While your iPhone or Android will likely handle most of the demands you throw at it, let’s just be honest here: it’s small. That’s great for portability, but makes it less than ideal for long-term viewing of movies or any extended reading periods.

via 7 Reasons Why Nurses Need a Tablet: Amazon Kindle Fire, iPad2, or Nook Tablet | The Nerdy Nurse. (follow the link to read her entire post)

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “To iPad or not to iPad… THAT is the question

  1. Struggling with this decision as well..perhaps I’m becoming an old lady but I have a bberry, still married to outlook and microsoft line, must multi-task, etc. I’ve never used an apple product..some of my IT folks swear by it but I continue to avoid like the plague. Now I’m trying to decide iPAD or Bberry playbook? Would life not be easier using bberry product for sync or is iPAD worth my learning curve?

    1. Anything and everything that is iOS is worth the learning curve… take it from someone who walked in your shoes.
      It’s worth it.

  2. Honestly, with the iPhone and the Macbook air, you’ve probably got most of your needs covered. However, the iPad could fill a tiny void for things like stumbeupon, reading, and youtube surfing. Oh and the awesome gaming apps.

    If I had a Macbook air in addition to an iPhone already, I don’t know that I’d be too keen on giving up the $500.

    Thanks for the linkback, btw 🙂

    Oh and thanks for sharing the infographic about sleep too!

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