Why physicians should care about Amanda Trujillo | Kevin MD

I have been watching and reading about this case from afar since it was brought to light. I have many opinions, but just don’t have the time to write them down these days. Unfortunately, my schedule is a just a little to hectic (sorry, bad excuse .. I know).

Here is a great blog post that resonates with the entire SoMe health care community. Be sure to follow the link and read the entire post.


For the past month, the case of Amanda Trujillo has resonated deeply among nurses, triggering an avalanche of postings on Facebook, Twitter and in the nursing blogosphere. Trujillo is the Arizona nurse who was fired in April 2011 after providing education and making a hospice care consult request for an end-stage liver disease patient. This patient was slotted for pre-transplant evaluation and had poor understanding of the disease process and treatment options. Trujillo filled in the gaps for this patient. Trujillo then requested, at the patient’s own wish, a hospice team consult, documented her actions appropriately, and left a note (it was night shift) for the primary physician.


via Why physicians should care about Amanda Trujillo.


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