Thousands of California nurses stage a one-day strike

Robert Galbraith / Reuters

Nurses participate in a one day strike at a hospital in Burlingame, Calif. on December 22, 2011. The strike affects 2,000 RNs at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and Miller Children’s Hospital in Long Beach, and 4,000 RNs who work at nine Bay Area facilities that are part of the Sutter Health Corporation. The nurses are protesting what they call unsafe nurse-to-patient staffing ratios and increases in their health care premiums.

Thousands of California nurses stage a one-day strike

The National Nurses United website reports – Voicing concern over the erosion of quality of care and cuts to patient protections, nurses are on a one-day strike today at California’s second largest private hospital and one of its most profitable corporate hospital chains.

RNs have been at odds with hospital management for months over assuring there is safe RN-to-patient staffing at all times, and over the hospital’s refusal to implement safe patient lift policies to prevent accidents to patients and injuries to nurses, despite enactment of a state law requiring such policy.

Long Beach nurses will also protest hospital demands for sweeping increases in healthcare premiums for nurses. The health care takeaway the hospital is pushing would cost RNs nearly $3,000 more out of pocket in premium costs, even though the hospital’s costs for nurses’ health coverage have not risen. Read more…

via PhotoBlog – Thousands of California nurses stage a one-day strike.

I hope their voices get heard.



One thought on “Thousands of California nurses stage a one-day strike

  1. Unfortunately, that is the way health care is going, almost every blog, every nurse etc that i speak with , or read about, we are still striving for safer nurse-patient ratios. I dont see it happening. Even when things happen bc of it, they dont listen, its only one case out of how many. its only about saving a dollar and if they have seen you can do it, they will be assured that it can be done again. Complaining anymore only makes you the squeaky wheel, the one they watch. Unless you have numbers of nurses . We have unsafe staffing papers that we fill out if we feel “unsafe” , they dont do anything about it, but if something happened during that shift, its documented that you felt unsafe. Problem is you are sooo damn busy that you forget to fill out the stupid form lol.

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