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Evernote Clearly Arrives on Firefox

December 21, 2011 | Posted by Andrew Sinkov in Product updates

Today, we have some great news. Evernote Clearly, our browser extension that creates a beautiful online reading experience for blogs and articles, is now available for Firefox.

Install Evernote Clearly now »

How it works

When you come to a site that you’d like to read, click the Clearly lamp icon in your browser bar. The page is transformed—all distractions are removed, leaving only the content you want to read. Then, once you’re done, click on Clearly again and you’re back on the regular article.

Imagine getting through an article without clicking on a bunch of links before reaching the end. Now you can, with Clearly.

Save it to Evernote
If you don’t have time to finish the page you’re reading, click on the Evernote icon in the Clearly sidebar to save it into Evernote. In Preferences, you can also set a tag that will be associated with the pages you clip.

Multi-page clips
If you click Clearly on an article that’s broken up across multiple pages, Clearly will put everything into a single, long page.

Clearly arrives with three attractive built-in themes: Newsprint, Notable and Nightowl. If you’re a fan of customization, you can make your own by going into the Preferences.


By removing distractions, Clearly makes reading online truly pleasurable. Enjoy.

Gonna give this a go…


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