Would you cross the line?

It seems there is a possible and probably Nursing strike looming over in NY.

The nurses, who voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike, say they are being disrespected by a corporate hospital culture that demands sacrifices from patients and those who provide their care, but pays executives millions of dollars

I’m all for fighting for better wages, benefits.. and OF COURSE better staffing. I only post this tid bit of info to ask another question concerning this:

The hospitals — Mount Sinai, Montefiore Medical Center and St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center — already are contracting for strike replacements at more than double normal wages.

Would you cross the line and work as a strike replacement. Cross the very line that your fellow warriors have drawn in the sand (yes warrior = nurse). I guess I can understand both views, I really can. In the end I consider it a great disrespect and, pardon my opinion, offensive for a fellow nurse to fill my shoes for double the pay???

The very same shoes I fill daily. The very same shoes that are being paid crap wages, given crap benefits, and shoved into crap staffing.


Something just doesn’t seem right.

via Nurses Threaten Strike at Three New York Hospitals – NYTimes.com.


2 thoughts on “Would you cross the line?

  1. No, I would not cross that line. Without a doubt, those hospitals are paying double the rates to agency nurses to fill the voids by the striking nurses.

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