Thank You Thanksgiving Thursday

I can proudly say I’ve kept up with the Thank you Thursday concept for 2.5 months. It’s been very ‘weak’ at times, but I’ve kept up with making sure I make at least 5 thank you’s or I am thankful for at least 5 things each week.

It’s definitely kept me grounded and humble. I continue to be thankful for some of the most simplest things, but then again nothing is ever really that ‘simple’ is it?

Be sure to be as ‘thankful’ as possible this week during our ‘yearly’ time for thanks.

I’d like to thank the last week for:

warm weather still! Yes, the warmer temps here in Western PA have been nice. Remember warm for us this time of year IS 60 degrees.

my crazy cats. For not being the all around terrors that other cats display. They’re crazy alright, but they could always be worse.

a certain professor of mine for taking the time to listen to my (and other classmates) concerns about our school’s program. While they probably can’t fix any of our concerns, they at least made us feel heard.

for good co-workers. last week one shift in particular could have been just an all out miserable time. Instead it was survivable and even fun.

the kindness of strangers.

Be sure to thank those who make the sacrifice during the holidays. Be it the retail worker, the health care worker and of course our men and women in uniform. While you’re all feeding your faces take a moment to thank those that make it possible.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


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