What group projects realllly taught you


Is there a nurse out there who didn’t laugh at this?

Heh heh


4 thoughts on “What group projects realllly taught you

  1. I totally agree Kim. I usually take the lead in group projects, because I KNOW things will get done when I’m the “boss”. I abhor group projects for the very same reasons you have listed.

  2. I recoil at group projects, at least in school. There are those who will work their butts off and those who will skate and do nothing, and when it is MY grade on the line it really ticks me off. If I can, I (a) refuse to work in a group or (b) volunteer to be the head of it.

    It’s like folks see “group project” and think, “whew – this should be easy”.

    I don’t want to sound horrible or cocky or bitchy, but I would say 90% of the time SOMEONE will drop the ball on their assignment. Usually more. Too busy, too tired, didn’t get around to it, they write 5 sentences on their topic, they don’t provide references….

    Gee, think you hit a sore spot? : )

    1. Kim, you didn’t say anything most of us are thinking and feeling. I’ve had my fair share of ridiculousness with group projects. Ergo the reason I shared the infograph. LOL

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