Personal trainer becoming obese on purpose?


Since May, Drew Manning has gained about 70 pounds on purpose. And he’s not done yet.

Drew is a personal trainer and has always been the “fit guy.” He’s now on a journey he calls Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit where he spends six months (he has about 4 weeks left) eating unhealthy food and not exercising, then he will take six more months to get fit again. Why? To experience for himself what it’s like to be overweight, how tough it is to lose weight, and ultimately show others how to get fit.

Wow. Amazing. Really. I’ll be curious to see how his experiment pans out.


4 thoughts on “Personal trainer becoming obese on purpose?

  1. This is really amazing, if he is legitimate. For someone who has never stuggled or been UN-fit, to put himself in a situation where he now knows what it feels like to be horrendously unfit, and 70 pounds is really bad – it’s not like he just put on 20 – if he can drop it and get back into shape he will really have a story.

    Not only that, he will now know what it is really like for those he is helping.

    Hopefully this 6 month foray won’t do any lasting damage…

    1. I too hope it works out for him and his unique plight. There are of course many eyebrow raising questions to ponder, but in the end he’s trying to prove a point. That weight loss CAN be for anybody. I’m pullin’ for him.

    1. Marketing gimmick or not, if he is successful in his plight it will prove many nay-sayers wrong. The rollercoaster of trying and failing can be beat.

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