‘Thank You’ Thursday

This is an idea I literally just came up with ‘Thanks’ to Joni (@joniwatson) over at Nursetopia. Her post today was motivated by none other than Jimmy Fallon. I guess he does a thank you note segment (never watched the show, sorry) that more than likely has a twisted-humor spin to it. She thought it a great idea, so she decided to thank those who made a difference for her (minus the twisted-humor part I think?.

I’m taking it a step further and attempting to spread the positivity through a weekly blog post called : Thank you Thursday. I’m inviting anyone and everyone to join in! Lets make being thankful as infectious as complaining.


I enjoy writing thank you notes to people who make a difference in my life. Jimmy Fallon cracks me up with his thank you note segments, and sometimes I want to join in on the thank you note hilarity.

This week, though, I am seriously thankful for Outlook calendar reminders, gas stations selling travel-size fingernail polish remover, instructions printed directly on equipment (rather than paper that gets lost), and items – both at work and at home – with off switches. Each has come in quite handy in a pinch this week.

So, thank you. You made my life easier this week, and I’ll take all the easy I can get.

What are you thankful for this week?

My Thank You Thursday:

I want to thank the receptionist and employee at my optometrists office for fixing my glasses and replacing parts for no charge. I’m thankful to my family for going the extra mile to keep the peace. I’m thankful for the ‘Remember the Milk’  application. Oh, I’m thankful I read my schedule wrong at school this week: getting on campus super-duper early ended up being a blessing in disguise.

Thanks again Joni.

Thank You for Making My Work and Life Easier « Nursetopia


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