GetGlue for iPhone: Go Get It

If you follow our blog, you know that GetGlue had a very exciting summer. We are now 1.5M users strong, up from 1M in April. Check-ins grew 130% in just 3 months – from 5M check-ins in May to 11.5M check-ins in August.

But today is the day the GetGlue crew has been really looking forward to. Just in time for the Fall TV season, we are announcing a major update to and GetGlue for iPhone. We have re-imagined the entire user experience and have made check-ins more delightful and rewarding and focused on interesting conversations with friends and other fans. Watch this video to find out what is new:

1. Interesting Conversations

Everyone is talking about the conversation around TV, but really, if you look at all the check-ins and tweets combined what you get is a lot of noise. Where is the actual conversation? How can we reveal the actual real-time, fun, witty, interesting, and engaging conversations around tv and entertainment at large?

With this release, we are happy to announce a new feature called Interesting Conversations – a real-time stream of GetGlue check-ins and tweets, available inside the GetGlue iPhone app, and also via GetGlue API.

GetGlue developed a filtering methodology, which significantly reduces noise and increases the relevance of check-ins and tweets in real-time. The combined stream is much more compact, but is also way more interesting and engaging – a real-time social conversation around TV.

The conversation theme runs through the entire app update. After you check-in you land on the new conversation screen. The screen shows recent check-ins from friends as well as interesting check-ins and tweets from everyone who is watching the same show. This new screen is real-time, relevant and engaging. It combines what your friends are saying and what everyone is talking about right now.

2. Friend Leaderboards

Another cool feature in this release is Friend Leaderboard. GetGlue is the first check-in app to have Friend Leaderboards around every show, movie, artist, book or topic. With the Friend Leaderboard you can see a list of top 10 friends around any object ranked by the number of check-ins.

The Leaderboards are both fun and useful. For shows you love, you can’t help but compete with friends for the status of the biggest fan. For new shows, the Leaderboard facilitates discovery because you can instantly see which friends are the experts and can provide insight on whether you’ll like the show or not.

You can access the leaderboard from each check-in response screen, and also from each show, movie, etc. details page on the app. On the leaderboard is displayed prominently in the sidebar for each show, movie or recording artist.

And a whole lot more!

In addition to these three new features, we went through a complete re-design of the app. Everything is more optimized, more useful, and more fun. The check-in flow in particular is richer and more rewarding. We are now surfacing your personal stats, stickers unlocked, specials, and trending information on every check-in.

Download the app now!

We hope you enjoy the new features as much as we enjoyed working on them and can’t wait to hear your feedback.


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Anyone that follows me around SoMe (Social Media) circles knows I’ve been using GetGlue since its inception.
I love it! And the updated iPhone app is the bomb.

Be sure to check out the video:


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