Being a Nurse

Kim McAllister just keeps flexing her nursing skills. Here is a recent video interview she did on ‘what it takes to be a nurse’.

What It Takes To Be A Nurse

If you’re wondering “should I become a nurse,” you’re going to want to make sure you like science, have good communication skills, are detail-oriented and can problem solve, multitask and handle stressful situations. In today’s episode, Kim McAllister, an emergency room nurse with over 30 years of experience, tells us that it takes a lot more than caring about people to be a good nurse. Kim shares great career advice and all kinds of information about nursing careers.



…Kim tells us what schooling is required to become a nurse. She advises taking lots of science classes in high school and then, because so many nursing jobs are looking for a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, Kim suggests going for the 4-year degree today. Kim spent most of her nursing career with a 2-year Associate’s Degree in Nursing and from her experience believes another great route is to get the ADN to start your nursing career and then, while getting real life work experience, keep going to school on the side to earn your BSN. In addition to this great advice, Kim walks us through a typical day and provides an ER nurse job description.


Way to go Kim! Be sure to check out the original post in its entirety!

What It Takes To Be A Nurse | Careers Out There


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