The real reason we nurses get bitter

Shrtstormtrooper shares a story over at New Nurse Insanity (link below) that encapsulates why we nurses develop short fuses. Fuses that lead to burnout, angst, anger and all kinds of negativity. Sometimes (some) nurses really need to check themselves before ‘reporting’ a fellow ‘fighter’ to their supervisor. Walk just a few steps in another co-workers shoes.. you might think twice about reporting someone for something you yourself probably forget or miss just as much, if not more than most nurses!

A high five to Shrtstormtrooper.

Priorities, seriously

So I got called into the Boss Man’s office this morning, because the floor wrote me up and he wanted to address the issue.
At this point, my feet hurt, I haven’t peed yet tonight, I didn’t get to eat anything, I have blood on my scrub pants…..

I have poop on my scrub pants…

I haven’t finished charting on that last arterial bleeder that came in….

and my coffee from 7pm is still sitting full on the counter next to my computer. It’s been a rough night.


I got written up because, in all the madness, I missed a skin tear on this patient. One skin tear, out of many. And actually, it wasn’t my patient to begin with,

New Nurse Insanity: The Adolescent Years | Priorities, seriously

Follow the link above to read the whole story. Be sure to leave a comment for her, let her know she’s not alone!


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