Nurses and interns

This was an eloquent but viciously accurate list of things for interns to ‘not’ do when interacting with the nursing staff. Kudos to “Albinoblackbear” (She is a nurse turned medical student who blogs at Asystole is the Most Stable Rhythm).

One of my readers astutely pointed out in the comments section of my blog that “nurses will make your life a living hell” if you treat them badly. Some will make your life a living hell, no matter what. As in every profession, there are nurses with a chip on the shoulder, as well as those who are simply counting down to retirement. But for the most part, nurses want to work with you not eat you.

Some of my suggestions probably appear ridiculously obvious, but I wouldn’t have been prompted to write these pieces if I hadn’t observed the examples below.

Here are some things to avoid:

1. “That is not my job” or ”I’ll get the nurse to do it” are two phrases that can be heard by a nurse ears even if she were standing next to a jet plane at take off.


2. If a nurse is asking you a question about something, don’t blow her off with a patronizing answer or assume that they are questioning your care.


3. Messy handwriting is dangerous. Stop it. Many places are switching to computerized orders which definitely have advantages, one being that RN’s no longer will have to add ‘expert handwriting decipherer’ to their list of skills.


Improving the relationship between intern and nurse | KevinMD


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