An open letter to hospital administration

Another blog I posted over at Scrubs concerning Hospital Admin.

It’s not always about the money

Here is an open letter to any and all hospital administration who cares to listen.

Dear Administration Team:

We nurses understand the importance of Press Ganey, HCAHPS, patient safety initiatives and fiscal responsibility. The business of health care has become more cut-throat than ever before. But, somewhere along the way the lines became blurred and you forgot that the business of taking care of others cannot be accomplished unless you take care of those whom take care of you.

I won’t insult your intelligence, so you are probably aware that a fine balance between recruitment and retention is paramount to the success of any company. We all know that it takes more resources and deeper purse pockets to hire and train employees, than it does to retain those whom already have shown some allegiance and loyalty. Anyone and everyone’s ‘system’ can be bled dry by a high turnover rate percentage.

I thought I might suggest ways to increase your retention and quite possibly eliminate this system exsanguination:

  • Learn how to give more positive feedback. We always hear negative.
  • Stop finding the time to point out what we are NOT doing, and find the time to thank us for the job we ARE doing – EVERYDAY.
  • While a pat on the back is fine and dandy, how about a lil more tangible feedback for your appreciation? We all love a free meal now and then.
  • Stop micromanaging – please.
  • Adopt and enforce ‘The No Asshole Rule‘. This includes ANYONE with a G.O.D complex (no matter what their credentials say).
  • All work and no play makes Jack and Jill very dull boys and girls. Ever heard the saying ” A family that plays together stays together?” – ‘Nuff said.
  • Just because it looks good on paper, does not mean it will work well at the bedside.
  • When an employee makes the extra effort, or goes the extra mile, – find a way to give them an extra-ordinary thank you.

There is no predicting why or when someone chooses to leave. I guess we all fall prey to the possibility of greener pastures. If any of the above suggestions are followed, we most certainly would already be standing on the correct side of the fence.

I don’t think anyone can find their true dream job, because quite honestly everyone’s dreams continue to evolve.

Please keep in mind, that while we often feel we never get paid enough – our choice to pursue this career was never about the money. It’s not just a job for many of us, it’s a lifestyle.


A Nurse

It’s not always about the money | Scrubs Magazine


3 thoughts on “An open letter to hospital administration

  1. What ‘atyourcervix’ describes is pure terrorism-or ‘bullying’ is the more PC term today.

  2. Sean – I *so* want to copy this entire letter and send it to our new CEO. He has thus far: fired all of the IV team LPNs, eliminated the visiting nurse dept, eliminated the hospice department, fired a nurse for eating at the nurses station, fired a nurse for momentarily putting her head down at the nurses station, eliminated ALL of the incentive pay for nurses to work extra shifts (the kind where you get the call “we’re swamped in here, can you come in? You can no longer get incentive pay to come in – it’s straight pay.”), all overtime needs preapproval (how is that going to happen on L&D or in the ED? Is the CEO going to come work those shifts and fill those holes??), and in general, has every nurse quivering in their shoes, wondering if they will be the next to get the axe.

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