Continuing the BSN vs Diploma debate

I know that we’ve gone round and round about this ridiculous debate (Yes I said ridiculous), but this students’ perspective sheds a new light on just how fine of line we are hopping across.

This truly hits the nail on the head. And I couldn’t agree more with the warped sense of reality concerning respect.

Great post. Be sure to follow the link for the original full article.

One very interesting fact regarding diploma programs—one that most  people may not realize—is that there is typically only a 10-credit deficit between the diploma or ADN nurse and the BSN nurse. That’s correct, only 10 credits—or, for example, an average of three humanities courses. Many of these programs also have twice the number of clinical hours as BSN programs, preparing their graduates to walk right into the NCLEX exam (and pass with flying colors), and from there right into the nursing workforce.

Don’t Cling to Tradition: A Nursing Student’s Call for Realism, Respect « Off the Charts


2 thoughts on “Continuing the BSN vs Diploma debate

  1. Wow, thanks, Sean! I appreciate your thoughts and your link to the article. I’m amazed at the feedback we’ve been getting online to this article, and it’s very encouraging that so many nurses also see this issue in the real world.

    I think as the nursing profession continues to move toward the BSN as the recommended entry level for new nurses, we will inevitably see this “respect” issue. As a soon-to-be Diploma RN, I do feel respected – and I also feel an undertone of greater respect for BSN RN’s.

    Thanks for your post!

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