Nurses are the true gentle Lions

I can’t say I’ve been a follower or a fan of J&J and there plight on “Campaign for Nursing’s Future”, but these two videos just grabbed my attention. I had to share the amazing contrast to the two videos that have successfully and subliminally chopped down two amazing stereotypes.

Stereotype #1: Men can’t be nurses, they don’t have compassion

Check this video out:

pediatric male nurse

This tugs at your heart strings. It’s my understanding the nurse is not just an actor, but is a practicing nurse (not sure how true). Any questions on men’s capacity for compassion?

Stereotype #2: The ER is for male nurses only

And the video:

ER female nurse


This not only tugs at your heart strings, but shows you that ANY nurse in the ER kicks @ss and takes name, regardless of their gender.

The nurse. The gentle lion that is big and strong, soft at their core, and saturated full of the human experience


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