The hardcore nurse revolt!

This is a blog post by Ian over at ImpactedNurse. He’s addressing the ‘under the breath’ topic of bullying in our profession. Kudos to Ian. It’s time to ‘fight’ back.


A hardcore nurse is not hard like a wall, they are hard like a birth.
A hardcore nurse gives all their attention and energy to the task and challenge before them.
Through careful reflection, introspection, and interaction, the hardcore nurse has penetrated the power and importance their work. They know the very real difference they can make to both their colleagues, and those they care for.
They do not squander this response-ability.
They do not come to work just to socialise, or to provide the bare minimum standard of care, or to whine and bitch about their lot.
They are not just a nurse, and it is not just a job.
No, a hardcore nurse wields  fierce compassion, uncompromising professionalism and aggressive sensitivity.  They wade assuredly into the midst of it, embracing the  joys and embracing the sorrows.
They strive to bring out the best in themselves and those they work with.
They are not to be fucked with.

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hardcore nursing revolution | Impacted Nurse


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