The dreaded shift flip-flop

Amy, over at Scrubs Magazine gives a wonderful synopsis on one of the many reasons why the night shift is so difficult.

I’ve made this argument before—to no avail. Day people just don’t get what it’s like to work nights. They call me at 2PM (my 2AM) to ask scheduling questions. Or the really annoying phone call at 5PM on my day off asking if I can come in for that evenings shift after I “take a little nap.” How safe is it to work 13 hours on a one-hour nap? Nope, they don’t get it.

Another “Night Nurse Rant” | Scrubs Magazine

It’s stories like these that make me thankful to not be on the night shift. I can remember quite vividly how frustrating that was. Be sure to hop on over and read her whole post.


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